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OK - Truck traffic bans in Europe

Traffic bans for trucks in Europe


Belarus: Clarifications on transhipment paperwork for EU registered carriers Goods

This info updates an earlier post on the Belarus ban on EU registered operators entering Belarus, except to unload or unhook at 14 designated transshipment areas close to the border.

List of transhipment points in Belarus connected with the ban on the movement of EU vehicles

When performing international transportation, information about the transshipment (unloading/unhooking), successive carrier, registration numbers of the successive vehicle, as well as the place of the specified cargo operations should be indicated in the transit declaration. The transit declaration should be submitted to the Belarusian customs clearance offices located at the place of arrival in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) customs territory in Belarus.

In case the EU carrier does not have information about the transshipment when arriving to the EAEU customs territory in Belarus, the relevant information must be indicated by the successive carrier before the goods are placed under the customs transit procedure at the place of transhipment (unloading/unhooking).

The following information should be indicated:

✅Column 17 of the CMR consignment note - Successive carrier (name, address, country);
✅ Column 25 of the CMR consignment note (or another column intended for these purposes) - registration number of the vehicle being used to continue transportation.

In the case of goods transshipment, this information should additionally be indicated in column 13 of the CMR consignment note ("Sender's instruction").

In cases when a tractor or an empty vehicle registered in the EU enters Belarus to the designated places to pick up goods for export, the carriers are recommended to have an order form or agreement to confirm the purpose of the vehicle’s entry into Belarusian territory.


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