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OK - Truck traffic bans in Europe

Traffic bans for trucks in Europe


Germany: After 10 years, the end of HGV driving as the new bridge in Leverkusen is open to traffic

Lorries can now use the first part of the new bridge across the Rhine. Until the second part of the bridge is completed, three lanes are available in both directions. The speed limit on the entire bridge section is 80 km/h and overtaking is prohibited.

Since the new bridge was officially opened on February 4, three narrowed lanes are available from the Leverkusen intersection to the Cologne-Niehl junction towards Koblenz/Twir., The main carriageway of the A1 in the direction of Dortmund at the Cologne-Niehl junction has been narrowed from three to two lanes. Between the Niehl junction and the Leverkusen Bridge, the slip lane serves as a third lane, so there are three narrowed lanes in this direction from the Rhine Bridge. Along he entire section between the Leverkusen intersection and the Cologne-Niehl junction narrowed lanes are marked with yellow road lines. The speed limit on the entire section is 80 km/h. Lorries, coaches and vehicle combinations with trailers are not allowed to overtake.

Since the new bridge has been opened, all previous weight restrictions (for vehicles with a MAM over 3.5 tons) no longer apply. This means that lorries, coaches and all other vehicles can cross the bridge again.

During the total closure at the end of January, five truck barriers were dismantled (on the A1 motorway in the direction of Dortmund and in the direction of Koblenz, on the road parallel to the A1 motorway at the Cologne-Niehl junction in the direction of Dortmund, on Industriestrasse before the Cologne-Niehl junction in the direction of Dortmund and on the A59 motorway at the Leverkusen junction West in the direction of Koblenz).

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