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OK - Truck traffic bans in Europe

Traffic bans for trucks in Europe


Tirol: 40 days with limited cross-border HGV traffic in 2024

The practice of limiting HGV traffic has been criticized on numerous occasions by international organizations, but the Tirol authorities remain adamant that the measure is necessary. The calandar of HGV restrictions for the second half of 2024 has just been published.

As in previous years, the Austrian authorities have set up a checkpoint on the A12 near Kufstein Nord in the direction of Innsbruck. On specific days listed in the restriction schedule (below), starting from 05:00 AM the police will slow down HGV traffic and, if necessary, will stop it in order to make sure that only about 300 lorries arriving from Germany are allowed to cross the border per hour.

There were 41 such days last year. This year, 24 days with restrictions have been planned in the first half of theyear, and 16 in the second half. The calendar has been established after an analysis indicating the high likelihood of heavy HGV traffic along the Inn Valley on these days.

HGV traffic restrictions in Tirol in 2024:

➡ March 28 (Thursday)
➡ April 26 (Friday)
➡ May 2 (Thursday)
➡ May 3 (Friday)
➡ May 6 (Monday)
➡ May 7 (Tuesday)
➡ May 8 (Wednesday)
➡ May 10 (Friday)
➡ May 17 (Friday)
➡ May 18 (Saturday)
➡ May 21 (Tuesday)
➡ May 22 (Wednesday)
➡ May 23 (Thursday)
➡ May 27 (Monday)
➡ May 28 (Tuesday)
➡ May 29 (Wednesday)
➡ May 31 (Friday)
➡ July 1 (Monday)
➡ July 8 (Monday)
➡ July 15 (Monday
➡ July 22 (Monday)
➡ July 29 (Monday)
➡ October 4 (Friday)
➡ October 28 (Monday)
➡ November 5 (Tuesday)
➡ November 6 (Wednesday)
➡ November 13 (Wednesday)
➡ November 20 (Wednesday)
➡ November 27 (Wednesday)
➡ December 3 (Tuesday)
➡ December 4 (Wednesday)
➡ December 10 (Tuesday)
➡ December 11 (Wednesday)

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