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OK - Truck traffic bans in Europe

Traffic bans for trucks in Europe


Major traffic disruptions in several places in Belgium owing to closed roads and tunnels

Traffic disruptions connected with renovation work are expected on the E40 and in the Liefkenshoek, Cointe and Beveren tunnels.

Disruptions in the Cointe tunnel (E25-E40 link)
◾ The Cointe Tunnel is an important section of the E40-E25 motorway, enabling to bypass the city of Liège from the north to the south.
◾ From 10:00 PM on June 30 until 6:00 AM on August 26, the E25-E40 towards Brussels will be closed between junction 38 (Angleur/Grosses Battes/Belle-Ile) and junction 35 (Avroy/Laveu).
◾ From 10:00 PM on June 14 until 6:00 AM on August 26, junction 37 (Val Benoit/Seraing/Marche) towards Brussels will be closed.
◾ In addition, from August 5 to 9 and from August 11 to 14, the E25-E40 towards Luxembourg will be closed from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Vehicles with a GVW of more than 7.5 tons and vehicles longer than 6 meters travelling to the north of the country (Netherlands, Germany, Brussels) are prohibited from entering the Liège agglomeration; only vehicles in local traffic are allowed to enter. The ban applies on the E25 from the Neufchâteau junction (E25-E411), an alternative route via the E42 and E411 is available.


Belgium: the Liefkenshoek tunnel closed for maintenance from 27 to 28 of June
Maintenance work in the tunnel pipe towards Ghent/Beveren is scheduled for Thursday, June 27 and in the tunnel pipe towards Holland/Stabroek on Friday, June 28. Each time the closure is due to start at 9:00 PM and last until 5:00 AM the following day.
◾ Diversion
A diversion route will be available during the closures. Drivers are advised to follow on-site directions.


Belgium: renovation in the Beveren tunnel to start on July 15
◾ Preparations for the renovation of the Beveren tunnel on the R2 road (Antwerp – Beveren) have been underway since spring and are currently entering their final phase. The renovation is due to start on July 15.
◾ The last phase of work on the diversion route started on June 17
◾ Since May work has been underway to widen the access road to R2 near the Waaslandhaven-Zuid complex. To complete this stage of preparations, the entrance to the R2 towards Ghent has been closed since June 17. The exit to Steenlandlaan towards the port will also be closed. Traffic will be diverted in both directions. Drivers heading for Ghent should take the Steenlandlaan – Melsele road (E34). Drivers heading for Kallo port/centre should take the route through the Beveren complex (E34) - exit Melsele - Melseledijk - Steenlandlaan - Keetberglaan roundabout. This traffic organisation will be in effect until June 25.
◾ The Beveren tunnel towards Ghent will be closed from July 15. Work on the diversion will end on July 8. From now on, new traffic organisation be in effect. The tunnel will remain open for another week, until July 15, when the renovation of the tunnel will start. The tunnel towards Ghent will be closed for a year. Traffic will follow a diversion route: via Ploegweg - Ketenislaan past the Kallo – the Steenlandlaan lock complex to reach R2 via the Waaslandhaven-Zuid complex. Traffic towards the Netherlands can continue as usual.


Belgium: work on E40 (Erpe-Mere)
◾ Work on two bridges over the E40 in Erpe-Mere is entering its final phase and should be completed by July 4. Diversions will be set up.
◾ From June 20, 3 full lanes on the E40 towards Ghent will again be available for traffic. 3 full lanes will be available on the carriageway towards Brussels from July 1.
◾ In order to remove temporary signals and complete the work, the motorway will be closed for several nights:
➡ the carriageway towards Ghent between Aalst (exit 19) and Erpe-Mere (exit 18): on the nights of June 19-20 and June 20-21, each time from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM.;
➡ the carriageway towards Brussels between Erpe-Mere (exit 18) and Aalst (exit 19): on the night of June 21-22 from each time from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM and on the night of July 3-4 from each time from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

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